The LovelyWorldTM warranty will be as follows;

Diaper Cover :-
  • Snap Defects – 1 Year
  • PUL (waterproof layer) Defects – 1 Year
  • Sewing/Workmanship Defects – 1 Year
  • Velco tap – 1 Year
Inserts :-
  •  Sewing/Workmanship Defects – 1 Year
This warranty does not include leaking, odors, or wear & tear.
All warranty requests must have a proof of purchase receipt. NO EXCEPTIONS. Receipt must be from an authorized LovelyWorldTM retailer.  If you received the diapers as a gift, please contact the gift-giver for proof of purchase information.
Damage to PUL caused by bleach is NOT covered under the warranty. Bleach use results in cracked PUL, PUL with pinholes, and eventually leaking. The use of bleach on PUL products voids all warranties.
Products needing to be repaired or replaced under warranty may be returned directly to LovelyWorldTM.  LovelyWorldTM will only repair or replace at our discretion; we do not give refunds. Products being replaced will be replaced with an identical product or the newest version of that product. Before sending in a product, please send us an email to info@lovelydiaper.com with the following information:
(copy below highlight to your email for editing your information) 
    – Name
    – Complete Address, Phone, and Email
    – Date of Purchase
    – Store of Purchase
    – Item Name
    – Quantity of item
    – Problem you are having and
    – Photo on defect images & Purchase Receipt attachment (not more than 1mb)
Returns MUST meet these standards. Returns not meeting these standards will be returned to you. Please inspect your products and be considerate with your return. We cannot handle products that are unsanitary.
  • Clean, dry, and free from odor
  • Reasonably free of pet hair.
  • Free of mildew or mold.
  • And any subject conditions related to hygienic and sanitary.
Do not return inserts with One Size diapers unless instructed to do so.
Please send the item(s) with attach printed email and mail to lovelyworldclothdiaper@gmail.com

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