Why LovelyWorld Diaper


Lovely World Cloth Diaper Handy Guide
  • Breathable PUL waterproof outer layer  to prevent leakage 

  • Pocket and All in two diaper system  

  • Holds up to 450 mls urine 

  • Slim fitting wearing day and night
  • Adjustable diaper size  S,M,L and XL
  • prevent leaking for front and tail 

  • Simple and easy to use as disposable diaper 

  • Flexibility and comfortable elastic waist 
  • Velco tab easy and convenience fastening 

  • Anti bacteria with bamboo inserts material 

  • Quicker Dry and Easy unique design Inserts 

  • Fold-over insert adjustable to increase absorbency 

  • Fits newborn babies to potty trained from 3kg – 18kg 

  • Soft and comfort Inner layer with resist stain and keeps baby dry 

  • Multi layered strong absorbency inserts (more than 6 layers)