Why Cloth Diaper?


Why Use Cloth Diapers? 
The world of cloth diapering is overwhelming to say the least. That’s why when asked the question “why use cloth diapers?” we like to keep it simple:

  • Cloth diapers are healthier for your baby
  • Cloth diapers are less expensive than disposables
  • Cloth diapers are better for the environment
  • Cloth diapers are just as easy as disposables

Cloth Diapers Are Healthier For Your Baby 

Disposable diapers contain chemicals such as Dioxin and Tributyl-tin (TBT).  These chemicals in various forms have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, liver damage, skin disorders and genetic damage.

Sodium polyacrylate is added to disposables to increase its absorbency. However, sodium polyacrylate can cause toxic shock and allergic reactions such as skin irritation.
Diaper rash also increases with disposable diaper use due to allergies to chemicals, poor air flow and longer time spent in wet diapers which feel dry.


Cloth Diapers Are Less Expensive Than Disposables

Your child will be in diapers for anywhere from newborn to 3 years.  Using an average monthly diaper cost for disposables of RM54 (3pcs x RM0.60 x 30days) per month you are looking at spending approximately RM1,944 (RM54 x 12 x 3years) on disposable diapers per child.

A complete cloth diaper system for a child could start from about RM550-RM900 if you were to use one size pocket cloth diapers.  Keep in mind that cloth diaper can be re-used, if you plan for two or more children, this will help you save by multiply.


No. of ChildrenModern Cloth DiaperDisposable Diaper
1st ChildRecommended 12sets (RM66/set)(3pcs/day x 3years x RM0.60) = RM±2,000
2nd ChildReusable for 12sets(3pcs/day x 3years x RM0.60) = RM±2,000

Cloth Diapers Are Better For the Environment

Simply put disposable diapers require tons of plastic and trees to be manufactured; a disposable diaper may take up 200 to 500 years to decompose. The report shown that one baby in disposable diapers will contribute at least 1 ton of waste to your local landfill. Cloth diapers are reusable and recycle. Quality cloth diapers will hold up for many washings and can be saved for the next child.


Cloth Diapers Are Just As Easy As Disposables

You won’t believe it until you try it.  The modern cloth diapers these days are made for convenience. With snap and Velcro closures, cloth diaper system is no more difficult to maneuver than a disposable diaper.


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